Heidi Busche


I live in Portland OR and podcasting with my two best friends is giving me life right now. I am a pretty regular person, I work a 9-5 with spreadsheets and excel, I have a family, I'm committed to fitness and a sober and full life.  I'm currently working to launch a coaching business - heidibcoaching.com - so that I can share my experiences with other women, and we can work on achieveing some soul-level spiritual growth together.  Because I truly believe, we don't do this alone. 


Sandy Johnson


Mother, lover, grown ass sober woman, professional, runner and Bravo TV expert with shit to say.  

I have spent the last 40 years, learning, growing, making mistakes and finding failures along the road to success.  Having stock-piled some serious wisdom, and trying to live a life based on spiritual principles I am HERE!  Loving this pod, blogging and talking all this shit with my homegirls.