I want to blog

My friends and I started a podcast together recently.  It has been TOO MUCH fun! 

We are on fire. 

In the midst of the smoke and the sparks and heat of the thing, I made a commitment to build the #allgoldeverything website, allgoldpod.com.

Building a website it not that straightforward.  As I scurried about youtube and clicked, clicked, clicked like a mini Silicon Valley hacker, a la Gilfoyle, it occurred to me: “I want to Blog”.

I want to blog because I have shit to say.  For too long I have been holding back a big part of me because most people I am surrounded by really don’t seem too interested in what I have to say.

They are busy.

They are self-centered.

They have shit to say.

They want to be heard. 

They are scared.

They are bored.

They voted for Trump.

So I keep shit to myself.  And I vomit my words, thoughts, frenetic hand gestures and overly expressive forehead (too poor for botox) all over my sweet love.  He kindly listens, responds, challenges and refuses to take anything I say personal.  He is amazing… But there is only so much ME I can inflict upon this sole being.

I need release.

I need an audience.

I have shit to say.

I want to blog.

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